Spiritual Care: Finding Your Way

Through candid and reflective interviews, this program explores the relationship between spirituality and health care, emphasizing the interdependence of body, mind and spirit. Professional chaplains of various faith backgrounds delve into the meaning of spirituality, as well as the role of a chaplain in “being present.” Woven throughout, three patients—one, living with incurable cancer; one, a heart attack survivor; and one, diagnosed HIV-positive—take us through their inspirational search for meaning, and illustrate how spirituality, attitude, and connection to oneself and others can help patients look at life via a hopeful lens. Also offered are multiple tools, such as prayer, guided imagery and gratitude, to care for the human spirit. “I choose to show up for life as a normal healthy person. And my attitude, my spirituality, my friends enable me to do so…” (Rita Foley, Patient)