The Medcalm Channel is becoming the premiere wellness channel for hospital TV networks around the nation and globally. Medcalm offers video programs by the foremost names in integrative and mind-body medicine, and delivers them into virtually any healthcare setting. Available via CCTV networks, cable systems, and most interactive patient care companies, Medcalm’s ever-growing library of programs has been designed to calm, inform, empower and heal…around the clock, seven days a week.


From hospital beds and waiting rooms alike, patients, families, and caregivers can select from music, sound healing, relaxation, and informative programs by pre-eminent healers exclusive to Medcalm.


Medcalm offers the largest and widest scope of exclusive, targeted wellness content. Its programs serve specific patient populations –including adult, pediatric and geriatric– and specific medical issues. Programs by best-selling doctors, psychologists, sound healers and integrative medical practitioners help prepare patients for surgery. Afterward, Medcalm’s programs help lessen their pain and support their recovery. Medcalm’s library of original programs, created in collaboration with authentic healing professionals, employ breathing, meditation and visualization techniques to guide patients to a deep sense of inner tranquility. Full high-definition nature videos, some produced with sound healing music, others with ambient stereophonic sound, help transport patients to scenes of deep relaxation. Spiritual content by the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, fine art experiences by Colors-In Motion, and light exercises and yoga by Carol Dickman allow Medcalm to offer the widest assortment of wellness content. Medcalm programs also support treatments and care protocols such as anxiety, pain management and insomnia.


At Medcalm, it’s our mission to create and deliver the very best quality programs that empower patients and their families…calming, educating and engaging them in their care.


Medcalm is the foremost provider of audio and hospital TV wellness and relaxation programs for children and adults. We are dedicated to delivering innovative technologies and original and licensed programs that bring holistic, mind-body medicine to patients in any healthcare environment. Empowering patients, engaging them in their care and supporting healthcare providers in their efforts to create patient-friendly environments and positive outcomes is our goal. As a result, Medcalm solutions support our healthcare partners in their efforts to enhance services, quality financial performance and patient satisfaction.