Client Testimonials

``My friend just had surgery. She had the news on her TV, and I said, Hey – let’s change the channel to 11. It happened to be the Puppy program. She sighed, and her anxiety just vanished. It was fun to review the various videos. Thanks for providing this useful and well-received service.``
– Cindy Westley RN-BC, MSN, CNL, Program Manager, Patient and Family Education, UVA Health System
``The videos are a nice antidote to the sterile hospital environment. My mom has dementia, so a TV show with the narrative does not work for her. Plus, she is hard of hearing and does not have her hearing aids in the hospital, so that makes the visual impact even more important.``
- Family member Inova Loudon
``My wife is currently undergoing chemo, her third time around. She discovered your videos on the center's TV system and finds them very helpful. She is receiving her chemo treatments at the Monter Oncology Center at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY. She would like to be able to continue the therapy the videos provide at home. She finds listening to your videos has a calming effect, helping to make the time she is receiving treatment a little less onerous, passing a little easier.``
- J.D. Marksheid
``Transforming our clinic’s waiting room to a relaxing and tranquil trauma informed space for our clients and staff has been a most wonderful experience. Working with our Medcalm associate, was extremely helpful. Amy guided us through the process ever so smoothly; she patiently helped navigate the various Medcalm channels and directed us to the most appropriate for our agency. Beyond the excellent customer service experience, we are more than delighted with the quality and content of all the videos we selected. It was a hard decision to make, but we finally decided on Tranquility, Underwater Visions, Soothing Sunrise and Sunsets, Nature Unfolding and Healing Hawaii. The cinematography is breathtaking and the sound effects and music are soothing. Thanks you Medcalm!``
- Heather Grey, LMSW, LCAT, ATR-BC, ATCS Clinical Coordinator/Supervisor, Tikvah at OHEL
OHEL Children’s Home and Family Service
``We have been in the ICU for several days now, and she (my wife) has decided to move on to the hospice phase. The experience here at UCSD has been a blessing - the facility, the tender staff, and the MedCalm collection which has been on virtually 24/7. I haven’t even had the urge to see sports, CNN, Fox, or CNBC even once! The imagery has had a calming effect on everyone who enters the room, and I’ve used it to shift her focus from pain and discomfort to images and pleasant thoughts several times. Some images trigger fond memories of actual places we have been to and other pleasant aspects of our lives together the past 44 years. The impact on me has been positive as well - which has surprised me. I know about the power of shifting awareness, but this has helped me experience it first hand. I even went a couple of days without monitoring the stock market! I have especially connected with your segments as the colors and subtle movements seem to act as a vibratory tuning fork. I will be sure to use this technique at home once I am back there. It will be a nice background for the initial confusion of family and friend visitors, and then my coming period of being alone. While my wife won’t be able to, I will be happy to endorse your product as I am a true believer!``
- Fred Tuomi
``I have undergone chemo since January 7th 2009 for stage 4 colon cancer. My last scans on July 16th revealed no active cancer cells. While I was at CTCA in Zion getting theses scans they found a blood clot in my lung which required me to stay overnight. That is when I heard and watched the Medcalm video with Bernie Siegel narrating. It was absolutely mind, body and spirit changing.``
- The Cancer Treatment Center of America, IL
``I am always happy to relay my great experience with Medcalm and the programs that are running.``
- Phyllis Vonderheide, RN, Director Service Excellence and Educational Resources, Phelps Memorial Hospital
``As a registered nurse in a pediatric hospital for the last 8 years, I can't explain how essential MedCalm videos have been for all of the kids who visit us. From newborns listening to lullaby's, toddlers watching educational stories, school aged children watching a variety of animal videos, to older kids listening to relaxation music, it has been a blessing to our hospital. These videos allow all our varying aged patient's the opportunity to provide an ``escape`` from the reality of their experience in the hospital, and we are forever grateful for MedCalm for providing us the tools to give that our kids.``
``Hello my name is Delonte Fowler let me first start by saying thank you. My son recently had surgery at Children's National Hospital and one of your movies in particular really helped soothe him a bunch. Underwater Visions is the one I'm inquiring about. He simply loved the sound and beautiful views of aquatic life. Since we've been home I feel like he misses it and the only sample I can find has been on you tube which is only five minutes long. If there is any way I can get a full copy of this please let me know. Thanks again for all.``
``I cannot tell you how relaxing the Underwater Visions video made our 5-week-old son while he was in the ICU setting for 4 weeks. Both the sound and beautiful visions are mesmerizing for all. Our son was able to remain calm and soothed during multiple tests and critical times during his stay at Hasbro. This sense of calm for our son also created a calm surrounding for both my husband and I during a very critical and stressful time for our family. Thank you.``
- Kelly and Danny Carlos
``I was in Charlotte NC. Novant's Presbyteran Main Hospital. I love the channel. I would stand and close my eyes and move with the music. It was so calming. It helped me stay calm in a very bad situation. My Pastor even asked me how I could be so calm?``
- Rosemary Bernauer
``I flipped through the channel and was immediately amazed to find the calming relaxation program called 360° of Relaxation! It was exactly what I needed to calm my body and mind. I continue to enjoy the program...her calming voice, the message of the Here and Now... and the overall serenity to my well-being!``
- Brenda Morehouse
``I was so happy to stumble upon Medcalm videos. Many patients experience anxiety and stress associated with dental visits. In our office, we are dedicated to providing care in a calm, comfortable environment. Now that we have access to the library of Medcalm videos, our patients can choose what relaxing scene to watch during their visit. The feedback has been great! Our patients love watching the relaxing videos both in the waiting room and in the treatment rooms.``
- Jeannine Smith, CRDH, Dental Wellness of Westchase, FL
``Every child deserves to have a sense of comfort-often times when children are admitted to the hospital this comfort can be lost. For some of our families, the last days/weeks/months they have with their child is spent in the hospital. These days can be filled with procedures, multiple medical providers, alarming noises, and a foreign environment. Amid these chaotic days, our children have found comfort in the Medcalm relaxation videos. Each child finds his or her own soothing favorite- Underwater Visions, Jungle, Puppy Love, or one of the other videos - regardless of the child's choice, when a parent sees their child comforted, they too are put at ease. On more than one occasion, I have walked into a room to find a parent sitting by their child's bed rubbing his or her head while a video plays. Some of our children are visually impaired, and they are also able to find comfort in the videos through listening to the calming music. These videos can add a little bit of peace and serenity during hospital days that are sometimes spent with pain, tears, and loss.``
- Palliative Care providers at a Children's hospital