Medical Offices

Promote Patient Health in Physician and Dental Offices, Ambulatory Care and Assisted Living Settings

Medcalm’s video library delivers relaxation content in waiting and treatment rooms as well as public areas. Our video library elicits a “relaxation response” with stunning high definition scenes of nature or fine art images combined with sound healing or ambient music. Medcalm’s talk and commercial-free programming has universal appeal crossing age, gender, cultural, and language barriers.

Dental Practices

Dental anxiety (fear of pain, loss of control, or fear of needles and injections) affects over 35 million Americans causing many people to cancel appointments or avoid dental care altogether. Studies show that distraction and relaxation techniques can create the serene environment many dental patients need to overcome these barriers.

Physician Practices

For many patients, the time spent waiting for an appointment, diagnostic test, or procedure is very stressful. Images of the natural world or beautiful art can help patients go to a calmer place and reduce their anxiety. This can impact their perception of waiting time and distract them from worrisome thoughts. It can even create a more relaxed connection with the staff and physician.

Ambulatory Care

Anxiety can be a pervasive problem for many patients. It may begin when treatment is planned and then significantly increase in intensity upon arrival at the ambulatory care setting. Whether patients are waiting for a procedure or undergoing treatment such as dialysis, chemotherapy or colonoscopies. Medcalm’s relaxation videos can provide a calming effect and reduce their fear.

Assisted Living

An atmosphere that makes residents feel healthier and happier has tangible benefits. Relaxation videos featuring peaceful music in public areas can help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. According to medical experts, even those with dementia respond to this type of stimulation. We can help you build a caring, compassionate setting in which patients, families, and even staff thrive.

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Medcalm’s Simple Solution
Couple your flat-screen TV or monitor with one of the following plug and play content devices supplied by Medcalm:
• Micro media player connecting to HDMI input
• Flash drive connecting to USB input
DVDs are also available to meet your needs. We will gladly exchange programs to annually update y0ur content.

Please call 914-238-8318 or e-mail for more information.

``I was so happy to stumble upon Medcalm videos. Many patients experience anxiety and stress associated with dental visits. In our office, we're dedicated to providing care in a calm, comfortable environment. Now that we have Medcalm videos, our patients can choose what relaxing scene to watch during their visit. The feedback has been great! Our patients love watching the relaxing videos both in the waiting room and in the treatment rooms.``
- Jeannine Smith, CRDH, Operations Manager
Dental Wellness of Westchase, Tampa, FL