Guided Imagery for Chemotherapy

Words by Steven Leeds and Dr. Rachel Hott, music by Steven Halpern, Ph.D., the voice of Steven Leeds

Many prestigious hospitals use Medcalm programs as part of an integrative approach for their cancer patients, recognizing the scientifically proven value of relaxation techniques and sound healing. One of the ideas behind this mindful approach is being able to let go of the mind/body. It is a shifting from the more cognitive or linear thinking to a more spatial. It uses words, so one is not listening with their head, but engages the nervous system, so the words allow the senses to connect. Rather than getting rid of a thought, it is about not fighting against oneself, not ridding of anything, so one does not create resistance. In this way, the mind/body works with the prescribed treatment to enhance the immune system to fight the cancer cells, reduce adverse side effects, promotes healing and relaxation, while being encased in a “protective glove.”