VA Healthcare Sole Source Justification


Sole Source Justification

Geriatrics/Long Term Care Service, with coordination and approval from the Planetree Steering Committee, is requesting the procurement of three (3) Medcalm Systems to be utilized in the Community Living Centers. The Medcalm Systems are specifically used for direct patient/resident care to provide clinically developed therapeutic music and relaxing sounds and create a relaxing environment.


Medcalm has been selected as a sole source vendor for this procurement action for the following reasons:


The Medcalm systems have no interference on existing medical equipment. Medcalm programming is clinically developed for patients in a medical environment. Medcalm has the only proprietary wireless system approved for medical use. The units meet all VA infection control requirements. Medcalm headphones (wireless) are safe for patient use. (No wires, so patients cannot harm themselves) Medcalm systems have been documented by VA abstract to improve Survey of Healthcare Experiences of Patients (SHEP) scores. Medcalm systems utilized at other VA Medical Centers have shown a reduction in the need for medication.


In addition, Medcalm is a Planetree preferred vendor and a member of the Small Business Association (SBA).


Please note: Funding for the purchase of these units was approved by the Planetree Steering Committee. These funds are considered discretionary and can be used without ECO Committee approval.