BLUE MONKEY PLANET is the first pediatric TV channel of its kind! It includes 11 on-demand programs pre-packaged for hospital networks. These programs, by best-selling authors, sound healing musicians and pediatric psychologists, help children and their families prepare for surgery, lessen their pain and support their recovery. Relaxing sounds, images, music and words can be powerful medicine, and can transform waiting rooms, treatment suites and patient rooms into positive, healing environments. BLUE MONKEY PLANET content is made for relaxation, healing and fun. Hospitals and families can be assured that the content is suitable and appropriate for children of all ages. BLUE MONEY PLANET is available via CCTV networks, cable systems or interactive patient care companies and is produced by Medcalm, a leader in audio visual wellness solutions.


SO Smart! is a leading creator and producer of top-rated educational entertainment products for young children. So Smart! is now partnering with Medcalm to bring this content to the hospital environment. Its trusted brands include So Smart! Baby’s Beginnings and Baby’s First Word-Stories for babies and toddlers, and King Otis and The Kingdom of Goode for preschoolers. Founded in 1997 by early childhood development researcher and artist, Alexandra Tornek, and husband and media producer, Scott Tornek, their videos and music—with simple stories, adorable characters, catchy songs and a pace that’s just right—are enjoyed by families around the world.


As countless parents, educators and professional organizations will attest, So Smart! remains their top choice. Here are some of the reasons why:


So Smart! uses…


Gently animated, bright colors and simple images that are specially developed for babies and toddlers.


Minimal, smooth scene transitions, choreographed like a ballet of images woven together, while avoiding the use of sudden changes in viewpoint or camera angles, which can confuse and over-stimulate babies and toddlers.


Slow, easy-to-follow pace that encourages interaction and participation—usually in the form of laughing, clapping, “talking,” and dancing!

Program Library

Blue Monkey Planet    |   So Smart


Baby’s Beginnings Letters

Baby’s Beginnings Shapes

Baby’s First Word Stories: House

Baby’s First Word Stories: Nighttime

Baby’s First Word Stories: Pets

Baby’s Musical Instruments (classical music)

Baby’s Sights & Sounds (classical music)

King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode: Lollybird’s Tale of Being Different

King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode: McFlicken’s Tale of Sharing

King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode: Phoose’s Tale of Patience