Fractal Visions

Beauty. Beyond. Belief. Discover a World of Colors and Intricate Shapes Within The Fractal Universe – Accompanied by an Hour of Music From Steven Halpern’s Grammy Nominated ‘DEEP ALPHA’. Experience over 200 Fractal Patterns. Endlessly Intriguing – Ever Dynamic! Fractals describe the mathematical structure of natural patterns found in objects like snowflakes, shells, leaves, clouds, rivers and even galactic spirals. You are visualizing the nature of Nature… Music from DEEP ALPHA: Brainwave Entrainment for Deep Meditation and Healing features the healing tones of the legendary Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano and subtle sustained harmonies. DEEP ALPHA earned Steven Halpern his first GRAMMY nomination for Best New Age Album in 2012. Simply by listening, one becomes naturally and almost immediately relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered for optimal healing and creativity.