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Our team is dedicated to integrity and transparency in all that we do. We support our healthcare partners in their efforts to enhance services, quality financial performance and patient satisfaction. Through creativity and innovation, the Medcalm team seeks to deliver our unique solutions. We value the relationships that we have built and continue our commitment to maintaining and growing an ethical and vibrant business.


Amy Gordon-Fisher spent twenty years in the Menswear wholesale field. She held senior positions in several companies, heading up a multi-man sales force, as well as having responsibility for financial, marketing, designing, promoting and advertising decisions.


After going through a medical procedure, Amy became aware of how anxious she and other patients were before and during treatment. She watched her mother go through the various stages of pancreatic cancer and experienced just how “cold” the hospital environment can be. She realized through her own experience that there was a tremendous need to help alleviate anxiety, not only for patients, but for their family members. Amy became inspired to find a solution. She studied and became certified in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and began a private practice dealing with stress, anxiety and phobias. In 2001, She founded Medcalm, an innovative company dedicated to bringing sound healing and relaxation programs to people wherever needed. Today, Medcalm services hundreds of hospitals nationwide and has successfully filled a void in bringing quality, healing and relaxation content to help improve patient care It has become the premier audio/visual wellness solution provider in America.

Steven Halpern has been the Director of Therapeutic Music for Medcalm since we began. Medcalm is the official and exclusive representative who brings Steven’s healing music to one of its original key destinations, ie, hospitals. Steven began consulting for hospitals in 1978, and his music has a long and successful track record of contributing to the healing environments of ICU wards, pre and post surgery rooms, waiting rooms and nurses stations. Through Medcalm, Steven’s music now reaches many more patients and staff than ever before. – See more at:


Dr. Steven Trocha is a surgical oncologist for the Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center in South Carolina. Originally from Sonoma, California, Dr. Trocha has specialized for 18 years in sarcoma, melanoma, liver, pancreas and stomach cancer. He is on the National Board of Medical Examiners, a member of the Society of Surgical Oncology and The American College of Surgeons. Steven is an accomplished speaker, clinical researcher, writer and photographer. He also acts in an advisory capacity to further Medcalm’s efforts to bring relaxation/wellness solutions to cancer and other patients. Over his long career, he has come to understand that patients heal better when the body/mind/spirit connection is addressed. Through Medcalm, Dr Trocha touches thousands of patients on their paths to well-being.


Steven Leeds, M.A. is co-director of the NLP Center of New York. He is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (NBCCH), and member of the International Core Transformation Training Team. He holds master degrees in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology and in Education. For over twelve years, Steven has designed and led trainings and seminars in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Core Transformation in the United States and Europe. He also maintains a private therapy practice in New York City. Steven has studied with Connirae Andreas, Richard Bandler, Jack Canfield (author, Chicken Soup for the Soul), Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan. He is also a founding member of the International Association for NLP. Steven contributed to the original scripts produced by Medcalm.


Barbara Jacobs is a career and marketing professional who has spent the last thirty years developing and building businesses. As a corporate executive her primary goal was to identify and expand marketing opportunities and set strategic objectives. She has traveled throughout the country conducting seminars to increase brand recognition. Barbara has joined Medcalm Corp in January 2010 to lead the marketing and sales effort to help hospitals implement Medcalm solutions to achieve important health care initiatives such as improved patient satisfaction and patient engagement in their own healing process.


Shannon A. White, Mdiv has been an ordained Presbyterian minister for the last 10 years, having served churches in Scarsdale, NY and Greenwhich, CT. In addition to caring for congregants, she served as a hospital chaplain for several hospitals around the country. Using guided imagery techniques in a variety of situations, she has been able to help numerous people across faith lines, as they have faced difficult life circumstances. Shannon is a professional voice over and currently co-hosts a spiritual radio show, called SpiriTalk. She is now using her many talents and is now able to reach a broader audience through Medcalm and Flycalm. Shannon is one of the voices of Medcalm.


Roxanne E. Daleo, Ph.D. is a Health Educator who taught at Harvard University Health Services founded MindWorks for Children. Trained in relaxation and stress reduction techniques at the Harvard Medical School, Division of Behavioral Medicine, her work is based on extensive experience with children and adults. Dr. Daleo also studied the use of symbols for healing from the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. For the past fifteen years, Dr. Daleo has worked as clinician, instructor and consultant in a wide variety of business and health care settings. She has designed and produced audio-visual programs for patient education, health promotion, and creative arts therapies and has developed play therapy programs for the chronic and terminally ill. In addition to MindWorks, Dr. Daleo conducts stress management workshops for professionals and develops health promotion programs for educators and health care practitioners. Medcalm is proud to offer Dr. Roxanne’s audio and video pediatric programs.


Robert Kessler has completed more than 500 music and sound design projects for producers of motion pictures, television series, independent classical, folk and jazz albums, as well as spoken word albums since starting Kessler Media Productions in 1986. In addition to his sound design for Chris Wedge’s Academy Award-winning animated short film “Bunny”, Kessler produced and directed the Grammy Award-winning spoken word album “Still Me,” by Christopher Reeve and the Grammy-nominated spoken word album “Beloved,” by Toni Morrison. He produces Medcalm programs and composed the Medcalm music introduction.


Carol Dickman is known for her specially created video programs for those needing safe, slow and gentle movement due to advanced age, illness or physical challenges. As a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga teacher and with her certification in Yoga Of The Heart®, which is yoga for cancer and cardiac patients, she brings over 40-years experience to Medcalm’s team. Carol was the official yoga teacher for New York City’s 50 Plus Expos and has taught at Canyon Ranch, NBC’s corporate headquarters and in Washington, D.C. for The White House Athletic Center. She has led workshops for AARP®, cancer and diabetes support groups and for the cardiac rehab center at NYC’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. Her award-winning Bed Top Yoga, Seated Yoga and Balance Basics and Beyond DVDs are used internationally by individuals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, libraries, hospitals and hospice workers.

As a producer for NBC Nightly News and The TODAY Show, Carol has additional experience to further The Medcalm Channel’s presence in the areas of yoga, stretching, meditation and relaxation.


Robert M. Marshak is the President, CEO and founder of Marshak Computer Solutions Corp. (MCS), an independent vendor agnostic consulting firm that supports a multitude of business and personal clients in the metro New York area. With over 20 years of experience, Marshak Computer Solutions was formed in 2009 to bring a unique business and technical perspective to their clients. Rob has been an integral part of Medcalm for over the past 5 years and has recently taken over all of their computer solutions.