Medcalm’s sleepcalming collection of over 14 programs features sound healing, nature videos with ambient sound and spoken word programs by experts in the field of relaxation and sleep induction. While white noise can only be addressed by a specific team of experts room by room, Medcalm’s serene music videos and hypnotic and guided imagery can lead the patient to a place of quietude when sleep becomes possible and helps block out annoying hospital noise.


Created by a team of leading, psychologists, sound healers and sleep experts such as psychologist John Selby, Dr. Brian Weiss and others provide these calming soundtracks and guided imagery which assist in creating healthy sleep patterns.

Program Library

Healing Meditations by Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Bernie Siegel is a retired general/pediatric surgeon who is involved in humanizing medical care. Learn how to enhance your immune system and find the key to good health. On this inspiring program you will be guided through several empowering meditations, each a combination of guided imagery and auto-hypnosis. These inner journeys are designed to assist you in dealing with negative thoughts, past hurts, stress, grief, and other conditions that can contribute to your lack of well-being. Bernie’s calm, resonant voice gently helps you experience your own unique qualities, as well as your inner and outer beauty.

Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace & Tranquility In Your Life by Brian Weiss, M.D.

Brian Weiss, M.D. is a psychiatrist who lives and practices in Miami, Florida. He’s a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, and is the former Chairman of Psychiatry at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami. Dr. Weiss is also a bestselling author. This program includes the techniques Dr. Weiss uses on his patients, many of whom have conquered insomnia, phobias, anxieties, weight issues, and disease.

Dreamscapes by Earth VideoWorks

Music for your eyes, pictures for your ears. Colorful images dance in harmony with celestial music, creating a spellbinding experience, an enchanting feast for the eyes and ears. Illuminations is an experience of light, sound and color, designed to nurture harmony, peace, balance and healing

Effortless Relaxation by Steven Halpern, Ph.D.

Steven Halpern is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, author, and educator and sound healer whose music is specifically composed for relaxation and “sound” health. Within moments, the specially -composed music melts away your tension and activates your ‘relaxation response.’ To further enhance the effectiveness of this program, we add a series of inaudible suggestions to harness the power of your subconscious mind. Reducing your stress is a vital component of enjoying vibrant health and well-being. As you listen to this program, you will feel your tension melting away.

Music For Sound Healing (Ocean Suite) by Steven Halpern, Ph.D.

Dr. Steven Halpern is an internationally renowned author, composer, educator and sound healer whose music is specifically composed for relaxation and healing. Let the gentle rhythms of a tropical ocean, combined with relaxing, impressionistic grand piano, transport you to your own oasis of relaxation. Harnessing the power of Mother Nature provides a new meaning to ‘natural’ stress relief, and, like the ocean, never sounds quite the same day to day.

Sleep Soundly by Steven Halpern, Ph.D.

Steven Halpern is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, author, educator and sound healer whose music is specifically composed for relaxation and “sound” health. SLEEP SOUNDLY provides a proven effective, non-drug alternative to help you fall asleep. Beautiful music evokes your ‘relaxation response’. To further enhance the effect, we add a series of inaudible suggestions to harness the power of your subconscious mind to provide assistance in getting a good night’s rest.

Relaxing in Inner Peace and Slumber by Better & Better with Elizabeth Hepburn

After completing EEG mind research with NIH grants, John Selby developed a unique psychological program for transcending insomnia, and wrote his book Secrets Of A Good Night’s Sleep. He also produced an audio program by that name, and has now completed this multi-media program to treat the core causes of sleeplessness: stress, frustration, worrying, and problem-solving. Employing beautiful visuals and Selby’s innovative techniques for quieting the mind and shifting into present-moment peaceful feelings, this sleep-inducement program gently guides patients away from anxiety, tension, and pain, toward progressive surrendering to restful rejuvenation and healing slumber.

Natural Healing (pain management/relaxation) by John Selby Ph.D.

Psychologist, author and videographer John Selby has spent 30 years developing innovative multi-media technologies to quiet worried and upsetting thoughts, and induce present-moment inner calm and rejuvenation. In research at NIH and elsewhere, Selby discovered new cognitive-shifting procedures (special nature videos, soothing meditative music, vocal guidance, and written Focus Phrases) that effortlessly uplift a patient’s mood and accelerate recovery. “Natural Inner Healing” offers a series of 7 enjoyable yet psychologically-powerful healing experiences designed to almost immediately quiet bothersome thoughts, relax the body, and help patients focus away from pain toward present-moment peace and enhanced wellbeing.

Starlight by Earth VideoWorks

Enjoy beautiful music and the incredible images of galaxies, stars, and nebulae as seen through the Hubble Space Telescope

Tranquility by Earth VideoWorks

Over 150 scenes of misty woods, forest streams and waterfalls with an hour of peaceful and healing music by Robin Miller.

Zen Garden by Earth VideoWorks

Over 100 scenes of Zen Gardens with an hour of reflective music by Gerald Markoe

Transforming Your Pain into Comfort by Medcalm with music by Steve Halpern

This video program is designed to refocus your discomfort and pain to a feeling of ease. Combining well-established relaxation, and breathing techniques, the healing quality of the soothing voice, and her words, in combination with beautiful nature video and sound healing music create a profoundly calming experience. The words and music will serve to help bring you to a new place of comfort.

Finding Tranquility

A calm inducing immersion into the fine art photography of “America’s Vanishing Landscapes – Western States’ by Wayne Williams. Accompanied by natures ambient sound and the healing music of Steven Halpern. This program will help distract patients from the surrounding noise and help reduce tension and anxiety, bringing the viewer to a deeper place of true relaxation.

Fractal Visions by Earthvideo Works

Beauty. Beyond. Belief. Discover a World of Colors and Intricate Shapes Within The Fractal Universe – Accompanied by an Hour of Music From Steven Halpern’s Grammy Nominated ‘DEEP ALPHA’. Experience over 200 Fractal Patterns. Endlessly Intriguing – Ever Dynamic! Fractals describe the mathematical structure of natural patterns found in objects like snowflakes, shells, leaves, clouds, rivers and even galactic spirals. You are visualizing the nature of Nature… Music from DEEP ALPHA: Brainwave Entrainment for Deep Meditation and Healing features the healing tones of the legendary Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano and subtle sustained harmonies. DEEP ALPHA earned Steven Halpern his first GRAMMY nomination for Best New Age Album in 2012. Simply by listening, one becomes naturally and almost immediately relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered for optimal healing and creativity.

Kaleido Therapy by Earthvideo Works

Turn Your TV Into A Kaleidoscope! Relax and Discover a World of Beautiful Colors and Intricate Patterns – Accompanied by an Hour of Soothing Music. Endlessly Intriguing – Ever Dynamic! Digitally Mastered in High Definition.

Bedtime Beats by Bedtime Beats

Another exclusive to Medcalm for the hospital environment is Bedtime Beats which provides you with more than sublime sound. Inspired by the findings of a Case Western University study, Bedtime Beats will help patients relax, fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Lose yourself in the experience of dreaming as interpreted by the world’s greatest composers: Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart. Woven seamlessly together in tranquil harmony.

Sleep Like a Baby by Colors in Motion

In “Sleep Like a Baby,” we offer the experience of that dream state, induced by the clear pure colors of Linda DeHart’s watercolor paintings, artfully blended by digital compositor Christopher Graefe, and accompanied by sensitive piano improvisations of Eve Kodiak. A perfectly gentle sleep program for children of all ages.

SERENITY by Earthvideo Works

A “Must Have” Video Showcasing The Earth in All Its Glory! 200 Iconic Vistas Through All Four Seasons – Beautiful Beyond Belief. Reminisce About The Places You’ve Visited and Dream of The Majestic Places Still on Your Bucket List! Digitally Mastered in High Definition. Music from Mountain Mist by Paul Michael Meredith. No narration – pure enjoyment. LENGTH: 59 minutes

WHITE NOISE by Medcalm

Noise color is determined by the frequencies present. Simply put, white noise is comprised of random and equal amounts of frequencies from the entire sound spectrum. This is why it is so effective at masking just about every external sound. The reason that this works is simple. Audiology research has discovered that the human ear can only process a given number of sound frequencies at once. White noise machines create a sound pattern utilizing all available frequencies. This causes other noises to fade into the background and become less noticeable, preventing them from disturbing your sleep. Common benefits of white noise include: Sound masking and cancellation, Improved concentration, Sleep promotion.

PINK NOISE by Medcalm

Some listeners find white noise to be harsh or tinny. One popular alternative is pink noise, which also includes noise from the entire spectrum but emphasizes specific, lower frequencies to create a deeper, gentler sound. Some users compare pink noise to rushing water, heavy rain or strong wind through leaves. This subdued, fuller sound offers many of the same benefits as white noise, such as eliminating background sounds, but it’s more relaxing for many listeners. It’s been found in heart beat rhythms, neural activity, and even DNA sequences. If this is noise found in your mind and body, then maybe it’s just what the doctor ordered. Common benefits of pink noise include: Improved focus, Alleviated headaches, Soothed babies and young children, Better sleep.

MUSIC ONLY By Medcalm with music from “Unconditional” by Marc Enfroy

By request, Medcalm offers a music only video with no visuals; simply a dark blue screen so patients are not visually distracted while still enjoying the healing benefits of beautiful music on their televisions.