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Our exclusive Medcalming HD collection has been specifically created to transform the hospital experience by promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, decreasing hospital noise and engaging patients, family members and staff in the soothing power of Nature. Medcalming HD is filmed in Full High Definition with natural, ambient sound and original music by world renowned musicians bringing visually inspiring places of beauty and serenity directly to patients’ rooms, treatment areas and waiting rooms. Medcalming HD is available for your CCTV system or delivered by your interactive patient care provider and is also available in standard definition. Our goal, as in all Medcalm content, is to bring you the very finest in authentic, audio and video wellness. Medcalming HD is therapeutic, inspirational and visually stunning. The healing power of Nature and music can be powerful medicine!

Program Library

Fall Color/Winter Snow

There’s nothing quite as breathtaking and beautiful as the Rocky Mountains, except the Rocky Mountains when the Fall colors are changing. In Winter Snow, the serene beauty and gracefulness of falling snow on rustic forests, white Aspens, winter streams and snow covered roads. Experience the peacefulness of the Colorado and Utah wilderness areas in all their winter glory in this visually stunning film capturing the magical world of winter. Shot on location in Colorado’s Umcompahgre Wilderness and Utah’s Wasatch Mountains in stunning High Definition. HDSereneScapes films are ambient content films with natural location sounds accompanied by the sound healing music of Steven Halpern and are intended as moving artwork for video displays, designed to create a calming and peaceful state of mind.

Healing Hawaii

Prepare your senses for the ultimate visual & audio journey around the exotic island paradise of Kauai, known as the Garden Isle. Immerse yourself in scenes of pure nature bliss, slowly transitioning you to a place of deep relaxation to the music of Darshan Ambient and the natural sounds of waves, wind, birds, and air flow. Feel yourself unwind as you view the beaches, mountains and colors of Kauii envelope you.

Greek Island Relaxation

The Islands of Greece, including Santorini (Thera) and others are some of the most magical in the world. The colors you see are the white of the crisply, painted houses, the Aegean blue of the sea and the black of the volcanic beaches. This full HD video lets you hover in the village set precariously atop the cliffs and almost feel the warmth of the Grecian sun touching your soul and healing your spirit. The natural sounds as well as the music of Darshan Ambient encourage you to enjoy the feeling of traveling to one of the most, lovely islands effortlessly.

Islands of Paradise: Fiji

Relax and escape to the stunning islands of Fiji with this HD Nature Relaxation featuring calming music by Darshan Ambient, made specifically for the video. Escape to Fiji, long known to be a tropical, island paradise listening to the sound of birds, wind and surf. Experience the natural beauty that is an inherent part of life in the South Pacific. Secluded, peaceful, enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience over and over. It is sure to help heal, relax, unwind, and inspire you to achieve a deeper level of peace.

America’s Beautiful West

This HD video captures many of the most famous locations throughout the West including Arches, Zion, canyon lands, Monument Valley, Sedona, Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Tetons, Glacier National Park, Rainier National Park, Tahoe and San Francisco to name a few. The majesty of our national parks viewed through the lens of full HD and ambient sound bring you to places you have been, seen in photos or yet to be seen. Relax and enjoy being brought to our national, natural treasures of the West. The music of Steven Halpern accompanies this video bringing you deeper into relaxation.

Redwoods Coast California

HDSereneScapes films are ambient content films with natural location sounds accompanied by the sound healing music of Steven Halpern and are intended as moving artwork for video displays, designed to create a calming and peaceful state of mind. Northern California hosts some of the largest and oldest trees in the world, the California Redwoods. Their environment is stunning, breathtaking, calming and endangered. These scenes were captured in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park and Prairie Creek Redwoods National Park as well as around the towns of Eureka and Arcata in Northern California.

Magical California Coast

Take a relaxing trip along the byways of the glorious California coast, filmed in full HD with music to ease your way. From Big Sur to the southern tip of San Diego hear the gentle breezes and see the shores of the magnificent Pacific Ocean through the vision of David Huting capturing angles never filmed before. Sound Healing music by the incomparable Steven Halpern combines with the natural sounds to entice you to relax and be in the journey.

Rocky Mountain Wonders

Some of us have visited, wish to visit or are fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of America and Canada….The Rockies! This video inspires while encouraging you to take a deep breath, relax and view their beauty and majesty. These scenes were filmed in Canada’s Banff and Jasper National Parks and also the great, American Rockies from Glacier National Park. You can escape to the stillness and amazing colors of the blue lakes such as Moraine Lake, Lake Louise and Bow Lake. Imagine yourself there and the gift of the mountain air and the lovely waters will help to calm and restore. Be uplifted by the strains of pure sound healing music by Steven Halpern.

Underwater Visions

Filmed in full HD by underwater video photographer, Elisabeth Lauwerys, this stunning, underwater wonderland was shot in Thailand Malaysia-Borneo (world famous Sipadan Island and Pom Pom Island), Indonesia, The Dominican Republic and Bali. You will delight in tropical coral reef fish (butterfly fish, Angel fish, Anemone fish, puffer fish, schooling batfish, damsels…) surrounded by beautiful coral scenery The turtles are Hawksbill turtles and Green Turtles from small young one to the old slow moving ones. Wondrous dolphins and Humpback whales! The music is by world renowned composer, Marc Enfroy to soothe and inspire both adults and children of all ages!

Soothing Sunrise and Sunsets

Can’t sleep? Need to relax? Transform your hospital room by allowing this soothing combination of sights and sounds to heal you, in pure 1080p glory. Breathe deep and unwind as the golden sun slowly sets over the windy sea. Exhale slowly as the sun sets and brings a sense of calm and respite to the day’s events. In the background you’ll hear the peaceful, healing music of Darshan Ambient, with his unreleased song “The Ghost of Summer Dreams.” Together the two mix to create this masterpiece of relaxation.

Wondrous Waterfalls

Over two years went into creating this HD video featuring some of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls hidden around the world. Havasupai Indian Reservation, AZ, Big Sur, CA; Yosemite; Glacier National Park, Mt Rainier National Park, The Canadian Rockies as well as Yellowstone. Prepare your senses for a high definition, visually stunning journey to each through the lens of David Huting, accompanied by the soothing, ambient music of Darshan Ambient. This video is designed to showcase not only the beauty but the healing, rejuvenating, and inspirational powers of waterfalls


Come along with us on a trip to the jungle of Costa Rica and marvel at these fascinating impressions in perfect 3D quality. Experience the magic of the rain forest and its inhabitants, mostly hiding away in big trees and covered by dense forest and difficult to see for the untrained eye. And listen carefully to the sounds of nature …Developed in Germany by KSM film in amazing 3D!


Lean back and experience marvelous nature, landscapes and fauna close up with from great composers in the background. Developed in Germany by KSM film in amazing 3D!

Finding Tranquility

A calm inducing immersion into the fine art photography of “America’s Vanishing Landscapes – Western States’ by Wayne Williams. Accompanied by natures ambient sound and the healing music of Steven Halpern. This program will help distract patients from the surrounding noise and help reduce tension and anxiety, bringing the viewer to a deeper place of true relaxation. 56 min

Little Ones

Experience the innocence and joy of baby animals with their moms in their natural settings. Cute teddy bears to little ducklings following their moms to the pond. This program is accompanied by an hour of happy, playful music. A sure way to make children (and adults) feel better and smile.

Gardens by Earthvideo Works

Spectacular Gardens from Around the World Accompanied by an Hour of Well Known Classical Music. Beautiful and Relaxing. Enjoy Manicured Gardens at Palaces, Cottage Gardens, and Close-ups of Flowers with Colorful Butterflies and Hummingbirds. Songs include Ave Maria, Claire De Lune, Intermizzo, Nocturne and more. No narration – pure enjoyment. LENGTH: 63 minutes

FRACTAL VISIONS by Earthvideo Works

Beauty. Beyond. Belief. Discover a World of Colors and Intricate Shapes Within The Fractal Universe – Accompanied by an Hour of Music From Steven Halpern’s Grammy Nominated ‘DEEP ALPHA’. Experience over 200 Fractal Patterns. Endlessly Intriguing – Ever Dynamic! Fractals describe the mathematical structure of natural patterns found in objects like snowflakes, shells, leaves, clouds, rivers and even galactic spirals. You are visualizing the nature of Nature… Music from DEEP ALPHA: Brainwave Entrainment for Deep Meditation and Healing features the healing tones of the legendary Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano and subtle sustained harmonies. DEEP ALPHA earned Steven Halpern his first GRAMMY nomination for Best New Age Album in 2012. Simply by listening, one becomes naturally and almost immediately relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered for optimal healing and creativity. LENGTH: 59 minutes

Serenity by Medcalm, music by Steven Halpern

Enjoy the gift of Serenity. It is that particular feeling of calm and peace we each wish to experience. It may be the feeling of calm after a relaxing time in a quiet, wooded forest, near a gentle waterfall, or perhaps a glorious beach with softly swaying palm leaves. Travel to the bluest mountain lakes or enjoy a simmering sunset while you go inside and find your serenity. This video is filmed in glorious HD accompanied by the sound-healing music of Steven Halperin.

KALEIDO THERAPY by Earthvideo Works

Turn Your TV Into A Kaleidoscope! Relax and Discover a World of Beautiful Colors and Intricate Patterns – Accompanied by an Hour of Soothing Music. Endlessly Intriguing – Ever Dynamic! Digitally Mastered in High Definition. LENGTH: 56 minutes

Wild Oregon Coast by Earthvideo Works

Magnificent Natural Beauty Accompanied by Music without Narration. Rocky Coastlines – Tide Pools – Forests – Beaches – Storm Waves – Wildlife and More! Produced by EVW in Newport, Oregon. 60 min

Sedona in the Snow by Earthvideo Works

On February 27, 2011 the snow stopped falling just before first light. It was cold and there was no wind, so the snow would last all day! Join us on a remarkable journey from Oak Creek to Schnebly Hill road to Boynton Canyon and up Oak Creek Canyon as we view the awesome red rock country covered in white! Relax and enjoy the native wood flute music played by Werner John. LENGTH: 52 minutes

Santa Ynez Valley by Wayne Williams

Experience the beautiful, rolling hills, valleys and farmland of the Santa Ynez Valley, near the towns of Solvang, Santa Ynez and Los Olivos. Accompanied by the healing sounds of music by Steven Halpern. 54 min

Big Sur Coast by Wayne Williams

From Cambria in the south to the outskirts of Monterey, the Big Sur Coast is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking stretches of coastline in the world. Accompanied by the healing sounds of music by Steven Halpern.

Beautiful Kaua’I by Wayne Williams

Experience the stunning, calming and intensely beautiful landscapes of the island of Kaua`i. Includes the healing music of Steven Halpern. 50 min Portland Japanese Garden by Wayne Williams Enjoy a leisurely and peaceful stroll around this stunning Japanese Garden overlooking the city of Portland, Oregon. Experience the harmony and tranquility of being a part of nature at its finest. This 5.5-acre Japanese Garden is a living reflection of the long history and traditional culture of Japan. This version contains ambient sounds of waterfalls, birds, along with beautiful music by Steven Halpern. 59 min

Portland Japanese Garden by Wayne Williams

Enjoy a leisurely and peaceful stroll around this stunning Japanese Garden overlooking the city of Portland, Oregon. Experience the harmony and tranquility of being a part of nature at its finest. This 5.5-acre Japanese Garden is a living reflection of the long history and traditional culture of Japan. This version contains ambient sounds of waterfalls, birds, along with beautiful music by Steven Halpern. 59 min

Dreamscapes by EarthVideoworks

Original art in motion by Earth Video Works. Your screen becomes an art gallery synchronized to music that is ideal for relaxation. Create a sense of calm as you provide pleasant visual and auditory stimulation. Presents fluid, flowing, vividly colored, continually changing abstract patterns accompanied by soft piano music.

Kaleido Visions by EarthVideoWorks

Thousands of Colorful Images – All the Colors of The Rainbow! WithMusic from “Chakra Suite” by Steven Halpern – His #1 Best Selling New Age Album of all Time!

Visions of Africa

You Will see African Wildlife In A Whole New Way!

Over 100 Wildlife Photographs Hand Selected by Master Photographer Alan Morgan Come Alive With Music by Stephen Pike who composed while communing with animals in Yellowstone National Park.

Flower Fantasy by Medcalm

The best images from the photography selections of John Pollara come to life with the wondrous music by composer Marc Enfroy. This program is pure enjoyment for nature lovers and all those who wish to imagine the beauty and sweet bouquet of glorious blooms.

Classic New England by EarthVideoWorks

Transport yourself to New England: covered bridges, fall foliage, and the Maine coastline set to an hour of classical music. 100 Fine Art photographs hand selected by the master photographer, Tom Narwid become a narration free mini vacation.

Playful Puppies by Medcalm with music by Marc Enfroy

The cutest puppies combined with an hour of original, inspired music. Smile with delight at over 100 of the most adorable puppies. Children of all ages will respond with happiness as they gaze lovingly back at these irresistible puppies.

Dreamscapes by Earth VideoWorks

Music for your eyes, pictures for your ears. Colorful images dance in harmony with celestial music, creating a spellbinding experience, an enchanting feast for the eyes and ears. Illuminations is an experience of light, sound and color, designed to nurture harmony, peace, balance and healing

Nature Unfolding by Medcalm

Nature Unfolding connects you with that stream of life force energy that always creates something new in this world. Each time a flower opens in breathtaking, time lapse video photography, we are in awe. Each time we see a butterfly’s wings fluttering up close in slow motion or a hummingbird in midair, we fall into the wonder of Nature. This brings to the viewer the understanding that a new day will unfold, like a piece of art. This could be in a hospital, home for the elderly or other institution where people cannot connect with nature directly, reminding the viewer that there is beauty and joy for living.

CELESTIAL BALLET of the JELLYFISH by Medcalm with music by Steven Halpern

Allow yourself to de-stress and drift away with these entrancing and exotic creatures.