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Distracting Noise Is One of the Biggest Patient Complaints in Hospitals

Our solution, the MEDCALM SLEEPSCAPES library, mimics a bedside, sound machine to help your patients overcome nighttime distractions that prevent and disrupt sleep. Sleepscapes provides a variety of soothing natural sounds with complimentary visual imagery to mask noise and aid in sleep. Here are our selections.

Program Library

WHITE NOISE by Medcalm

Noise color is determined by the frequencies present. Simply put, white noise is comprised of random and equal amounts of frequencies from the entire sound spectrum. This is why it is so effective at masking just about every external sound. The reason that this works is simple. Audiology research has discovered that the human ear can only process a given number of sound frequencies at once. White noise machines create a sound pattern utilizing all available frequencies. This causes other noises to fade into the background and become less noticeable, preventing them from disturbing your sleep. Common benefits of white noise include: Sound masking and cancellation, Improved concentration, Sleep promotion.

PINK NOISE by Medcalm

Some listeners find white noise to be harsh or tinny. One popular alternative is pink noise, which also includes noise from the entire spectrum but emphasizes specific, lower frequencies to create a deeper, gentler sound. Some users compare pink noise to rushing water, heavy rain or strong wind through leaves. This subdued, fuller sound offers many of the same benefits as white noise, such as eliminating background sounds, but it’s more relaxing for many listeners. It’s been found in heart beat rhythms, neural activity, and even DNA sequences. If this is noise found in your mind and body, then maybe it’s just what the doctor ordered. Common benefits of pink noise include: Improved focus, Alleviated headaches, Soothed babies and young children, Better sleep.

Smooth Brown Noise

Brown noise is a useful sound masking tool, that can block out external sounds and distractions and be used in many different ways. Compared to white and pink noise, brown noise uses mostly lower frequencies and is considered the most soothing to listen to of the three.

Babbling Brook

Deep in a mountain forest runs a babbling brook. Its pure water cascades over rocks and flows underneath mossy logs. Take a moment to close your eyes and picture yourself by the side of the stream. Breathe deeply. Enjoy this tranquil time of relaxation.


Relax with the pure sound of birds singing and the view of a calming green greenery. This video of beautiful nature will create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. This is another way to block out unwanted general noise.


A crackling campfire by the river creates a soothing nighttime ambiance. This nature white noise will help relax your body and mind so that you can better sleep.

Delta Waves

This program by Dr. Steven Halpern intends to provide a sound solution to falling asleep. The soundtrack features brainwave entrainment tones to guide you gently into the delta brainwaves specially mixed in for this exclusive version that encourages and helps you to fall into a natural deep and relaxing sleep.

Gentle Breeze

A gentle breeze through a field or trees is a sound of Nature which creates an ambient environment for relaxation and sleep. Another natural “white noise” program for those who would like to be in a field and falling softly asleep.

Gentle Rain

It may not be raining inside but you can relax to the soothing rain sounds that pelt on a roof or through the trees in a steady rhythm. The gentle rainstorm will help you relax, get to sleep or simply soothe general anxiety. The rain sounds create natural white noise, which blocks out distractions.

Ocean Waves

Listen to the sounds of calm Ocean Waves lapping against the shore, relax and feel at ease with the sounds of nature. The sounds of water and the ocean can help you block out distracting noises and drift off to sleep.

Oscillating Fan

A fan produces a calming noise similar to white noise. Fan sounds can be a good tool to help you sleep, and this oscillating fan white noise may help get that much needed sleep. Enjoy the gentle, white noise ambience and block out distractions.


Sometime you might have been lucky enough to have a thunderstorm come through your window. You might have listened to it for a little while and had it lull you to sleep. There are some oddly calming effects thunderstorms can have on people and another form of distracting noise which make sleep difficult.


Lovely waterfalls are a natural source of White Noise and are ideal for sleep and masking distracting sounds. They are visually stunning until you close your sleepy eyes.