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The First Geriatric Channel!

Medcalm provides the only specific, video content aimed at all levels of geriatric care. It includes 10 programs pre-packaged for hospital and nursing care TV networks. Our exclusive wellness, relaxation and trivia programs provide a visual and auditory experience that will engage, entertain and stimulate cognitive thinking. Relaxing sounds, images, music and words can be powerful medicine, and can transform waiting rooms, common rooms and patient rooms into positive, healing environments. Medcalm SenioRx is available via CCTV networks, cable systems or interactive patient care companies and is produced by Medcalm and others focused on improving senior care.

Program Library

Big Band and Jazz Era Trivia Program

Big Band & Jazz Era features over 25 topics which include, but are not limited to: singing groups, big band leaders, famous musicians, song titles, popular dance, jazz singers, instruments, performers, conductors, and entertainers. This program contains numerous audio clips from this era!

Dream to Explore by Medcalm

“Dream to Explore” will take you on a journey that will open your imagination. Have you ever dreamt to travel to Hawaii, Italy, drive cross country or try something new such as skydiving or horseback riding? Would you like to learn about a new language, a different religion, or maybe explore the underwater, or a new career? This program will create an opportunity for your patients to share their personal dreams and wishes.

1950’s Trivia Program

Features over 25 topics which include, but are not limited to: TV shows, actors, cowboys, products, medical inventions, history, movies, toys, musicals, songs, TV show host, and cost of living.

The 1930’s Path of Progress and the 1940’s Trivia Program

Program features topics which include, but are not limited to: fashions, musicals, westerns, entertainers, toy inventions, books, sports personality, actresses, radio personalities, dance, radio shows, cost of living, sports, history, movies as well as topics that illustrate the modernization of common household products (i.e. telephone, refrigerator, phonograph).

Natural Inner Healing (pain management/relaxation)

Psychologist, author and videographer John Selby has spent 30 years developing innovative multi-media technologies to quiet worried and upsetting thoughts, and induce present-moment inner calm and rejuvenation. In research at NIH and elsewhere, Selby discovered new cognitive-shifting procedures (special nature videos, soothing meditative music, vocal guidance, and written Focus Phrases) that effortlessly uplift a patient’s mood and accelerate recovery. “Natural Inner Healing” offers a series of 7 enjoyable yet psychologically-powerful healing experiences designed to almost immediately quiet bothersome thoughts, relax the body, and help patients focus away from pain toward present-moment peace and enhanced wellbeing.

Flowers Everywhere

The best images from the photography of Douglas Sherman come alive with the enchanting harp music by Paul Michael Meredith – narration free, pure enjoyment.

Playful Puppies

Adorable puppies with an hour of reflective music that kids will love. Enjoy over 100 cute, adorable, irresistible puppies. Love will fill the heart as each puppy longingly gazes into one’s eyes bringing that warm feeling to each patient.

Underwater Visions

Filmed in full HD by underwater video photographer, Elisabeth Lauwerys, this stunning, underwater wonderland was shot in Thailand Malaysia-Borneo (world famous Sipadan Island and Pom Pom Island), Indonesia, The Dominican Republic and Bali. You will delight in tropical coral reef fish (butterfly fish, Angel fish, Anemone fish, puffer fish, schooling batfish, damsels…) surrounded by beautiful coral scenery The turtles are Hawksbill turtles and Green Turtles from small young one to the old slow moving ones. Wondrous dolphins and Humpback whales! The music is by world renowned composer, Marc Enfroy to soothe and inspire both adults and children of all ages!

Sleep Soundly

Steven Halpern is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, author, educator and sound healer whose music is specifically composed for relaxation and “sound” health. SLEEP SOUNDLY provides a proven effective, non-drug alternative to help you fall asleep. Beautiful music evokes your ‘relaxation response’. To further enhance the effect, we add a series of inaudible suggestions to harness the power of your subconscious mind to provide assistance in getting a good night’s rest.

360 Degrees of Relaxation

Medcalm’s unique, relaxation techniques, including Steven Halpern’s gentle music is expertly folded into the original photography of Sereneview. In this ground-breaking video, the patient will learn to access their own, special place for relaxation. They will discover that each of us is unique and have his or her own natural resources for healing. The white sand, ocean and palm trees in concert with Medcalm’s, proven effective, audio wellness program form a complete relaxation experience.

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Classics Narrated Stories Vol. I (Model Millionaire and Patty Hobby & Orson Welles)

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Classics Narrated Stories Vol. II (The Sphinx Without a Secret & The Monkey’s Paw)