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Medcalm ID/SKUProgram TitlePublisherSample LengthProgram Length
MED01Affirmations For Getting Well Again with O.Carl Simonton, M.D.Touchstar3 min28 min
MED02Affirmations For Living Beyond Cancer with Bernie Siegel, M.D.Touchstar3 min20 min
MED03ChemotherapyMedcalm3 min58 min
MED04General WellnessMedcalm3 min57 min
MED05Healing PrayersDr. Ron Roth, Ph.D.3 min50 min
MED06Self HealingLouise L. Hay3 min72 min
MED08Secrets Of Your Own Healing PowerDr. Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D.3 min58 min
MED09MaternityMedcalm3 min60 min
MED10Healing MeditationsBernie Siegel, M.D.3 min52 min
MED11IlluminationKen Jenkins3 min42 min
MED14Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace And Tranquility In Your LifeBrian Weiss, M.D.3 min20 min
MED15DreamscapesEarth VideoWorks3 min48 min
MED16Effortless RelaxationSteven Halpern, Ph.D.3 min48 min
MED17Flowers EverywhereEarth VideoWorks3 min56 min
MED18360 Degrees Of RelaxationMedcalm and Sereneview3 min27 min
MED19Music For Sound Healing (Ocean Suite)Steven Halpern, Ph.D.3 min66 min
MED20Sleep SoundlySteven Halpern, Ph.D.3 min63 min
MED21Graceful Passages, A Companion For Compassionate TransitionsMichael Stillwater and Gary Malkin3 min73 min
MED24InspirationsEarth VideoWorks3 min60 min
MED25Country RoadsEarth VideoWorks3 min60 min
MED26Classic New EnglandEarth VideoWorks3 min57 min
MED27Soothe YourselfSue Marx/ Children’s Hospital of Michigan3 min57 min
MED28Puppy LoveEarth VideoWorks4 min55 min
MED29Curious KittyEarth VideoWorks4 min55 min
MED30Underwater VisionsMedcalm3 min102 min
MED31Liquid LoveYour Baby Moments3 min27 min
MED32Dream to ExploreUnlock the Memories3 min38 min
MED33Big Band and Jazz EraUnlock the Memories3 min44 min
MED341950s PreviewUnlock the Memories3 min30 min
MED35Natural HealingJohn Selby Ph.D.3 min47 min
MED36Relaxing in Inner Peace and SlumberJohn Selby Ph.D.3 min47 min
MED37Pre-Surgery Healing SupportBetter & Better with Elizabeth Hepburn3 min30:15 min
MED38Post-Surgery Healing SupportBetter & Better with Elizabeth Hepburn3 min30:06 min
MED39The Blooming DesertEarth VideoWorks1:30 min60 min
MED40Paint The SkyEarth VideoWorks1:30 min60 min
MED41Paint The OceanEarth VideoWorks1:30 min60 min
MED42Paint The RocksEarth VideoWorks1:30 min60 min
MED43StarlightEarth VideoWorks1:30 min60 min
MED44Sedona in the SnowEarth VideoWorks1:30 min60 min
MED45TranquilityEarth VideoWorks1:30 min60 min
MED46Zen GardenEarth VideoWorks1:30 min60 min
MED47Bed Top YogaCarol Dickman5 min33 min
MED48Seated YogaCarol Dickman5 min48 min
MED49Transform Your Discomfort and PainElizabeth Hepburn5 min38 min
MED50Bed Top Movement – Upper BodyCarol Dickman5 min38 min
MED51Bed Top Movement – Lower BodyCarol Dickman5 min38 min
MED52Chair MovementCarol Dickman5 min38 min
MED53Bedtime BeatsBedtime Beats5 min25 min
MED54White NoiseMedcalm3 min60 min
MED55Pink NoiseMedcalm3 min60 min
MED56Music OnlyMedcalm3 min60 min

Medcalming HD available in 720 or 1080

Medcalm ID/SKUProgram TitlePublisherSample LengthProgram Length
MHD 400Fall Color/Winter SnowMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 401Healing HawaiiMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 402Greek Island RelaxationMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 403Islands of Paradise: FijiMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 404America's Beautiful WestMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 405Redwoods Coast CaliforniaMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 406Magical California CoastMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 407Rocky Mountain WondersMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 408Underwater VisionsMedcalm3 min55 min
MHD 409Healing Sunrise and SunsetsMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 410Wondrous WaterfallsMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 411The Jungle 3DMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 412NatureMedcalm3 min60 min
MHD 413Santa Ynez ValleyMedcalm3 min58 min
MHD 414Big Sur CoastMedcalm3 min38 min
MHD 415Beatiful Kaua'iMedcalm3 min59 min
MHD 416Finding TranquilityMedcalm1:30 min60 min
MHD 417Portland Japanese GardenMedcalm3 min50 min
MHD 418GardensEarth VideoWorks2:42 min63 min
MHD 419Fractal VisionsEarth VideoWorks1:46 min51 min
MHD 420SerenityEarth VideoWorks3:45 min59 min
MHD 421Wild Oregon CoastEarth VideoWorks3:02 min60 min

Blue Monkey Planet

Medcalm ID/SKUProgram TitlePublisherSample LengthProgram Length
BMP301Healing Music for ChildrenMedcalm/Steve Halpern3 min51:40 min
BMP302Horse PowerEarth VideoWorks4 min62 min
BMP303Tickle Monsters Are Robots and Other StoriesThe Story Pirates3 min29:32 min
BMP304The Relaxation Station, Relaxation Techniques for KidsSue Marx/Children’s Hospital of Michigan3 min120 min
BMP305Puppy LoveEarth VideoWorks4 min55 min
BMP306Curious KittyEarth VideoWorks4 min55 min
BMP307Kaleido VisionsEarth VideoWorks4 min61 min
BMP308Buddy's CandleBernie Siegel/Medcalm3 min15:60 min
BMP308SPBuddy’s Candle – Spanish TranslationBernie Siegel/Medcalm18:15 min
BMP309The Jungle HDKSM4 min60 min
BMP 310Underwater VisionsMedcalming HD3 min1:02 min
BMP312Little OnesEarth VideoWorks4 min60 min
BMP313Baby Face Earth VideoWorksEarth VideoWorks3 min61 min
BMP314Kaleido TherapyEarth VideoWorks3 min56 min
BMP315Sleep Like a BabyColors in Motion3 min56 min

So Smart

Medcalm ID/SKUProgram TitlePublisherSample LengthProgram Length
SS MPEG 50King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode: Lollybird's Tale of Being DifferentSo Smart3 min30 min
SS MPEG 51King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode: McFlicken's Tale of SharingSo Smart3 min30 min
SS MPEG 52King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode: Phoose's Tale of PatienceSo Smart3 min30 min
SS MPEG 53Baby's Musical Sounds (classical music)So Smart3 min30 min
SS MPEG 54Baby's Sights & Sounds (classical music)So Smart3 min30 min
SS MPEG 55Baby's Beginnings ShapesSo Smart3 min30 min
SS MPEG 56Baby’s Beginnings LettersSo Smart30 min
SS MPEG 57Baby's First Word Stories: NighttimeSo Smart3 min30 min
SS MPEG 58Baby's First Word Stories: PetsSo Smart3 min30 min
SS MPEG 59Baby's First Word Stories: HouseSo Smart3 min30 min
Medcalm ID/SKUProgram TitlePublisherSample LengthProgram Length
FAE 01Walking in BeautyColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min30:50 min
FAE 02Deep ResonanceColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min31:55 min
FAE 03Bodies of LightColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min28:44 min
FAE 04Light DancesColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min28:53 min
FAE 05Breath of TimeColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min27:04 min
FAE 06Expanding HorizonsColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min34:50 min
FAE 07Firmament of SoundColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min28:30 min
FAE 08Essential NatureColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min33:36 min
FAE 09CreationColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min27 min
FAE 10Forms From NatureColors in Motion-Fine Art Experiences3 min30:08 min
Medcalm ID/SKUProgram TitlePublisherSample LengthProgram Length
HCCN101Critical Conversations: Expressing Your Wishes HCCNHCCN3:14 min48:39 min
HCCN102Death & Dying: Approaching the End of LifeHCCN3:14 min48:39 min
HCCN103Emotional Care: Moving Towards HopefulnessHCCN3 min46:04 min
HCCN104Grief: A Personal JourneyHCCN3 min53:27min
HCCN105Inspirational QuotesHCCN3:23 min32:03 min
HCCN106Legal and Financial Issues: Planning AheadHCCN3:27 min29:16 min
HCCN107Palliative and Hospice Care: Focusing on ComfortHCCN3:22 min35:45 min
HCCN108Prayers and Meditations From the HeartHCCN3 min30:28 min
HCCN109Spiritual Care: Finding Your WayHCCN3:40 min50:13 min
HCCN110Spiritual Issues: The Big Questions in LifeHCCN3:22 min46:47 min