Inspired Branding Videos

The videos make use of the profound power of images, words and music as individual healing therapies now being used extensively in neuroscience settings. However, in consort, these videos create a powerful, synergistic effect that communicates to the patient at their deepest and most inaccessible subconscious levels, opening them up to feel, consider, and experience new thoughts and ideas about themselves, their beliefs, and the greater possibilities for their healing.


The fundamental purpose of each video is to help move the patient from their daily conscious focus on their disease and treatment, to moving them into a consciousness of being healed, moment to moment, thought by thought. From his own cancer experience, he has come to believe that this shift in consciousness from disease/treatment to new attitudes, beliefs, and life possibilities is absolutely fundamental to lifelong healing.


These videos were branded for Island Hospital in Anacortes, Washington. They play them throughout their facilities on lobby and waiting room monitors. They also have loaded them onto the iPads in their Merle Cancer Care Center, which they give their patients to watch while they are in for their chemo. Perhaps you can think of your own additional unique ways in which you can use them?


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Imagination Inspired

Imagination Inspired is a short inspirational video that explores how we may employ our imagination in more expanded ways to create those events, circumstances and conditions which we seek to have in our lives. Its is both inspiring and uplifting, ideal for for patient viewing.

Love and Gratitude Are The Fairest Blossoms Which Spring From The Soul

A short, uplifting video depicting sentiments of love and gratitude expressed through the beauty of nature. The concept and expression of gratitude by the patient is increasingly being used by healthcare professionals as a therapeutic modality in caregiver settings, as it has both measurable mental and physiological benefits in creating better patient outcomes.

What The Road Less Traveled Passes By and Why It Makes All The Difference in The World

What is the road less traveled… but our own unique and authentic life journey? This video’s underlying message is: living our lives as our authentic, true selves, and not as others would wish us to, and thereby often creating anger and resentments that lead to disease, is a fundamental aspect of the concept of Wellness. The video empowers the viewer by calling forth their courage to discover their true essence and character, and express it to the world without fear, freeing them to live their lives to the fullest in health and well-being.

The Nature of Wellness

What is wellness? Its is a way of living, a way of being. It is an understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Above all it is a balance and inseparable integration and harmony of mind, body, and spirit, for all are one.

The Nature of Life and The Power Within

What is The Power Within but our imagination, belief, and the faith and trust in ourselves? Healing first begins with our imagining the state of being healed. And with our belief and faith in that vision we may unlock the power of our own healing.

“The Nature of Life and The Fine Art of Healing videos, have been of great comfort and inspiration for our cancer patients and their loved ones. The excellent photography and tranquil music help calm patients during very difficult times and help create a peaceful, healing environment.” These branded videos also help us promote our brand promise of providing emotional support for our patients to our community and our financial supporters”. “Our Promise… Your best healthcare experience begins at Island Hospital. We always place your emotional and medical needs first and foremost!”

Vince Oliver
CEO, Island Hospital

Recipient of The 2015 Shirley Ann Munroe Leadership Award For CEO of Hospitals Under 100 Beds