Inspired Branding

Medcalm and multimedia artist, Bruce W. Heinemann, have found a unique and shared vision of using the power of music, images, and words to improve the patient experience both during treatment and in their ongoing healing as they move forward in their lives. It is with this purpose that we are pleased to offer you and your institution our new and innovative program: Inspired Branding.

Bruce W. Heinemann is a fine art nature photographer, writer, publisher, and speaker in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. For over 25 years he has used his photography and music as the foundation for unique and innovative branded corporate publications and multimedia projects for many of America’s most recognized companies in healthcare, finance, real estate, and insurance, among many others.


He has also published 8 books of fine art photography. His most celebrated title, co-published with Barnes and Noble: The Nature of Wisdom, a presentation of his images, metaphorically matched up with quotes, has now sold over 106,000 copies and counting. He created the book as a catharsis for his surgery for prostate cancer at the dangerous age of 49. In retrospect, he came to view it very much as a self-directed art therapy program that helped him in the years following to come to grips with it, as well as give him a great deal of personal insight into what a person diagnosed with cancer experiences. It was a transformational experience, and with many blessings, the book has found its way into many hospitals, waiting rooms, and doctor’s offices, and homes as well.


In the fourteen years since his journey of self-discovery and understanding, and the wonderful feedback from the book that he received from his readers, and his extensive experience in multimedia, it lead him to create a five part, brandable video series: The Nature of Life, The Power Within, and The Fine Art of Healing.  It is designed to both enhance the patient experience, and additionally serve as a brandable marketing and promotional vehicle with which a healthcare institution can advertise and communicate to its community and supporters, how they create emotionally supportive environments for their patients which lead to their best healing outcomes.


From his own challenging cancer experience, he has come to passionately believe that Healing Begins at Diagnosis and The Engagement of Caregiver Empathy.


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