Client Testimonials

“I am so excited about these videos. 3WW staff, patients and families were shown how to use them. We had a patient of Dr. Bava’s in a lot of pain, and she used it. Also, we used it at night to calm patients. And for our comfort care patients. Families and patients loved the flower pictures. 3WW votes to keep them!!!”
– Sentara Healthcare, VA

“I have undergone chemo since January 7th 2009 for stage 4 colon cancer. My last scans on July 16th revealed no active cancer cells. While I was at CTCA in Zion getting theses scans they found a blood clot in my lung which required me to stay overnight. That is when I heard and watched the Medcalm video with Bernie Siegel narrating. It was absolutely mind, body and spirit changing.”
– The Cancer Treatment Center of America, IL

“I visit many patients who are in SVBGH. I can’t rave enough about MedCalm. It really helps calm cancer patients and heart patients taking their mind off their pain. Wonderful program! Keep it coming”
– Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital

“My friend just had surgery. She had the news on her TV and I said, Hey – let’s change the channel to 11. It happened to be the Puppy program. She sighed and her anxiety just vanished. It was fun to review the various videos. Thanks for providing this useful and well-received service.”
– Cindy Westley RN-BC, MSN, CNL,Program Manager, Patient and Family Education, UVA Health System

“I have found the Medcalm Channel option for relaxation videos a fantastic addition and use it often. The patients really enjoy it. Music can be very healing. We also have Sleep Soundly looping on a video channel and the staff loves it!”
– Shannon Kistler, RN

“I am always happy to relay my great experience with Medcalm and the programs that are running.”
– Phyllis Vonderheide, RN, Director Service Excellence and Educational Resources, Phelps Memorial Hospital

“My sister was in the hospital and she and I love to listen to the ‘360 degrees of relaxation’ program.”
– Shirley Hunt, Keego Harbor, Mi

Last September, Lake Health successfully installed Medcalm’s HD healing content at its brand-new 119-bed TriPoint Medical Center in Concord, Ohio. “Since implementation, Medcalm content counts for 80 percent of all patient education and relaxation content viewed at TriPoint Medical Center, based on only 16 titles,” said Batra, who has been tracking data monthly. “Medcalm relaxation content is proving to be a large success at TriPoint, and it is fitting nicely into the hospital’s culture of relaxation. This content has been viewed over 1050 times since late October!!

“Thank you very much for showing me this wonderful content! I am anxious to get it loaded onto our system. I know our patients and families will love it.” (Re: Blue Monkey Planet and SO Smart! Channels)
– Cooks Children’s Hospital

“Hello my name is Delonte Fowler let me first start by saying thank you. My son recently had surgery at Children’s National Hospital and one of your movies in particular really helped soothe him a bunch. Underwater Visions is the one I’m inquiring about. He simply loved the sound and beautiful views of aquatic life. Since we’ve been home I feel like he misses it and the only sample I can find has been on you tube which is only five minutes long. If there is any way I can get a full copy of this please let me know. Thanks again for all.”