The best possible patient outcomes. Quality care. Patient satisfaction and loyalty. These are priorities for medical professionals striving for service excellence and improved financial performance.

Medcalm Audio and Video Solutions for healing and relaxation are proven to help medical professionals meet these objectives. Our audio Medcalm System, video Medcalm Channel and extensive program libraries bring the leading relaxation response techniques and renowned holistic practitioners to patient care environments. Best-in-class hospitals, doctors, dentists and treatment facilities rely on our mind-calming complementary care to reduce patient stress, create a sense of well-being and promote the body's ability to heal. Patients, as a result, require fewer medications and experience less pain and shorter hospital stays-and these positive outcomes translate into measurable bottom-line rewards.

Reduce patient anxiety and pain before, during and after treatments with our wireless headphone system, program library or customized programs.

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Promote wellness and empower patients with integrative healing and informational video programming in waiting rooms, patient rooms or treatment suites.

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The First Geriatric Channel! Our exclusive wellness, relaxation and trivia programs provide a visual and auditory experience that will engage, entertain and stimulate cognitive thinking.

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Our exclusive Medcalming HD collection has been specifically created to transform the hospital experience with the soothing power of Nature.

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Medcalm Pediatric Solutions

Blue Monkey Planet
The first pediatric TV channel of its kind! On-demand programs help children and their families prepare for surgery, lessen their pain and support their recovery.

So Smart
is a leading creator and producer of top-rated educational entertainment products for young children. So Smart! is now partnering with Medcalm to bring this content to the hospital environment.

Medcalm News

Medcalm to Attend Telehealth Event Nov 2014

September 6, 2014

Medcalm will be pleased to attend Telehealth (Tigre) client conference, Tampa Nov 5- 8th

Medcalm to attend Planetree, October 2014

September 5, 2014

Medcalm to attend Planetree, Chicago Oct 12-15th

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