Medcalm is thrilled to be chosen as the exclusive relaxation video content provider by NYU Langone Medical Center, rated among the best hospitals in the country. Medcalm will provide NYU patients with healing content to enhance their experience and improve outcomes.


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Medcalm Integrative Solutions

Medcalm is an innovative audio/visual solution provider that promotes wellness and empowers patients with integrative, sound healing, spiritual, fine art, exercise and HD nature content for hospital TV’s. Programs are designed to calm, inform, empower and improve outcomes. Medcalm offers over 100 programs specifically for adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients.

The best possible patient outcomes. Quality care. Patient satisfaction and loyalty. These are priorities for medical professionals striving for service excellence and improved financial performance.

Medcalm Channels

Promote wellness and empower patients with integrative healing and informational video programming in waiting rooms, patient rooms or treatment suites.

Medcalm Solutions

Reduce patient anxiety and pain before, during and after treatments with our wireless headphone system, program library or customized programs.

Best Outcomes

Best-in-class hospitals, doctors, dentists and treatment facilities rely on our mind-calming complementary care to reduce patient stress, create a sense of well-being and promote the body’s ability to heal.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients who use Medcalm require fewer medications and experience less pain and shorter hospital stays. Testimonials from patients, families, and staff highlight its benefits.

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